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Last Updated : June 12, 2017

<0> Key Terms
"Platform" or "YOLO" or "Website" refers to websites (including mobile), applications and services that are provided, owned, managed, controlled and maintained by ACETAK Co., Ltd.

"Merchandise" refers to a variety of goods and services provided by the seller on the platform.

"Seller (host)" refers to a member who uploads and sells various merchandise within the platform.

"Buyer (guest)" refers to the person who purchased the merchandise within the platform.

"Member" refers to anyone who subscribes to the YOLO service or enters personal information to use this service.

<1> Terms of Service
Through our website, we provide an online platform for sellers who want to advertise all types of merchandises and buyers who want to buy. The buyer will make a (legally valid) contractual relationship with the seller at the time of purchase by making a purchase through YOLO. After the point of purchase, this website acts as an intermediary between buyer and seller, such as sending purchase details to the seller and sending a purchase confirmation email to the buyer on behalf of the seller.
The information disclosed in the service delivery is based on the information provided by the seller. While we provide the right people and management to perform our services, we can not ensure or guarantee that all information is complete, correct and accurate. In addition, we will not be responsible for any errors (obvious errors and typographical errors), poor connection (temporary or partial, repair, upgrade maintenance of our website or other website), incorrect or misleading information, We are not responsible for any inconvenience. Each seller is always responsible for the completeness, correctness and accuracy of the information displayed on the website. Website does not promote or guarantee the description, quality, service level or rating provided by all sellers.
This Service does not allow the resale, deep link utilization, reproduction, monitoring, or display, downloading or reproduction of our website content, information, software, products or services for any commercial or competitive activity or purpose.

<2> No Endorsement
Company shall be solely responsible for the operation and management of the system for efficient service as a mail-order sales intermediary and shall not represent the buyer or seller in relation to the transaction of goods or services, The member must bear the direct responsibility for it.

Company do not warrant the quality, completeness, stability, or legality of the registered goods, the authenticity of the seller's intention or the will to purchase, the quality of the registered goods, non-infringement of the rights of others, information entered by the buyer or seller, and the truth or legality of the material posted on the linked URL through such information and the legality of the transactions between buyer and seller through the system provided by the company.
And All risks and liabilities related to this are the responsibility of the member.

<3> Modification
Company reserve the right to modify the Website at its sole discretion, or modify these terms and conditions, including service charges. If Company amend the terms, we will notify the date of application and the reason for modification from 7 days prior to the effective date of the amendment to the applicable date on the web page operated by the company together with the current terms. We will also update the "last updated date" at the top of these terms. Changes to terms apply at time of printing. By accessing or using the website, member agree to the modified terms. In addition, if the amended agreement contains significant changes that apply to existing members (by reducing the rights of the members or by increasing the liability of the members), company will notify member 30 days before the changes take effect. If the modified terms are not accepted by the Member, member must discontinue use of the Website. If you do not cancel your YOLO account, you will be deemed to have accepted the change.

<4> Seller's use contract and information protection

A. Establishment of sales service use contract
The contract for the use of the sales service (hereinafter referred to as the "use contract") is established by the company accepting the application for the use of the service provided by the company. The company shall post the intention of acceptance on the service screen or notify by e-mail or other means.
Any person who wishes to use the sales service agrees to these Terms and Conditions, and fill out the necessary information according to the application form prescribed by the Company.

B. Change, protect personal information
Members shall not provide false information when applying for the use, and if any changes are made, the changes should be immediately updated with the latest information. However, the ID (e-mail) other than the change by the statute can not be modified. Members must provide evidence of changes immediately upon request by the Company with respect to the changes.
The notice for the member shall be deemed to have been notified by sending the contents to the e-mail provided by the member, and the member shall be liable for the loss of the member or other person arising from the unmodified information, Company is not responsible for this. In addition, if the member does not correct the changed information, or if the member damages the company by making a false statement, the member shall be liable for the damage.
The Company shall not use the information provided by the Member for the purpose of using the service for purposes other than the service operation purpose agreed to by the Member and if the new purpose of use occurs or is provided to a third party, Company will notify you of the purpose and accept your consent. However, except in cases where the relevant laws and ordinances provide otherwise.
The company does not set the consent for collection, use, and provision of personal information to be pre-selected. In addition, we specifically specify services that are restricted when users refuse to accept information about the collection, use, and provision of personal information. and Company do not restrict or refuse to provide membership services for reasons such as refusal of the consent of the user who wants to use the purchase service for the collection, use and provision of personal information other than the essential collection items.

C. Manage ID and password
Members are responsible for the management of their ID and password, and in no case may a member transfer or lease their ID or password to any other person.
The member and the user himself / herself bear responsibility for any loss or damage caused by leakage, transfer or loan of ID (ID) or password without reason of the company's responsibility.
If a member recognizes that his / her ID or password is stolen or that a third party is unauthorized to use it, he / she shall promptly notify the company and the Company shall make every effort to promptly process it.

D. Termination of contract period and use contract
1. The period of use contract shall be from the day when the seller agrees to the terms to the last day of the year. The term of the contract will be automatically renewed for one year under the same conditions, unless there is a written statement of opposition by written notice one month in advance.
2. Termination of contract from company
1) The Company may terminate the use agreement if any of the following reasons arises or is confirmed.
① If member violate the rights or honor, credit or other legitimate interests of another member or any other person, or engage in any activity that is contrary to the laws of his/her country of residence. 
② If the member conducts or attempts to interfere with the smooth progress of the services provided by the Company

③ If it is confirmed that there is a reason to deny acceptance of <4> A
④ If the information provided by the seller or the evidence supporting it is false or does not provide the proof of the company's request
⑤ If the Company considers that it is necessary to refuse to provide the service based on reasonable judgment
2) If the Company terminates the contract, the Company will notify the member of the reason for cancellation by telephone, e-mail or other means. In this case, the company may give the member an opportunity to express his/her opinion on the grounds for termination in advance.
3) The use contract ends when the company notifies the member of the cancellation intention.
4) Upon termination of the use agreement as set forth in this paragraph, the Company may collect any benefits that may have been additionally provided to the Member.
5) If the use contract is terminated as set forth in this paragraph, the Company may refuse to accept the application for reuse of the member.
6) If the Company terminates the contract, the seller shall take necessary measures to provide the purchase, exchange, and refund of the buyer that has not been completed until the time of termination for the protection of the buyer.
3. If one of the parties causes any of the following reasons, the other party may terminate the contract of use by giving notice of termination without exception.
1) If one of them violates the obligation of the contract of use and fails to correct it within 7 days after receiving the request from the other party
2) In cases where it is impossible to fulfill the use contract due to administrative suspension such as suspension of bankruptcy, regeneration and bankruptcy procedures, suspension of business, cancelation of major assets, transfer of business, merger, etc.
3) If a complaint from a buyer is raised in three or more transactions in the last three months due to a seller's mistake
4) In case the Company has suffered any loss of property such as defamation due to the act of seller's responsibility such as violation of related laws
1 of 3. Termination from Seller
Seller may terminate the use contract at any time by notifying Company of termination.
However, the seller must terminate all ongoing trading procedures and settle the debts to the company before notifying him of his intention to terminate.
4. The Company may temporarily suspend the provision of services in the event of maintenance, inspection, replacement or breakdown of information and communication facilities such as computers, or loss of communication.
In this case, the fact of suspending the service and its reason will be posted on the initial screen of the website.
5. The Company may limit or suspend the provision of services if it can not provide services due to natural disasters or force majeure.
6. Despite the termination of the contract of use, the seller must take the necessary action to refund the uncompleted purchase until terminated. Provisions relating to the seller's liability incurred in relation to the goods already sold prior to termination shall remain in full force and effect..

<5> Seller's sales activity
1. Sales of goods and services within YOLO are possible upon completion of the seller registration. For this purpose, the seller decides the type and scope of the goods and services sold at this time, the selling price, and the transaction conditions. The company is not unfairly involved.
However, the Company may set the terms and conditions such as the payment method of the commodity price to prevent damage to the buyer.
1 of 1. The seller must clearly state that the goods have special transaction terms or there is a charge for the addition, so that the buyer knows this.
2of 1. The seller must enter information for the item below when registering the product.
① Information on items,
② In the case of the Republic of Korea, information specified in the "Notification Regarding the Provision of Information on Products in Electronic Commerce etc." (Fair Trade Commission No. 2012-49, hereinafter referred to as "Product Information Notification"),
After the product registration, if the notification of the product information change is changed, the related information should be corrected and supplemented accordingly.
  If the seller does not enter the information according to the product information notification or if the information is not corrected or supplemented according to the notification of the changed product information after registering the product, the company can take necessary measures such as stopping the ID.
2. In the case of Korean sellers, seller must comply with laws and regulations regarding the sale of goods and services at YOLO, such as the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce.
Seller may not use YOLO trade name or logo without prior written approval of the Company.
3. Seller shall not sell or induce the goods directly to buyer without going through YOLO, and in case of violation, Company may withdraw seller from service.

<6> Purchasing and financial terms

A. Key definitions

"Merchandise fees" means the amount set by the seller in exchange for the merchandise. Only the seller, not YOLO, is responsible for his own Merchandise fee. Sellers may include required taxes, etc. in this amount.

"Buyer Fees" means the fee charged by YOLO to the Buyer for the use of the Service, which is calculated as a percentage of the applicable Merchandise fee.

"Seller Fees" means the fee charged by YOLO to the Seller for use of the Service, which is calculated as a percentage of the applicable Commodity Price.

"Payment Method" means a payment method added within YOLO, such as a credit card, debit card or PayPal.

"Service Fees" means the sum of the total seller fees and the buyer fees.

"Total fees" means the sum of Merchandise fees, Buyer fees, and taxes.

B. Purchasing and financial terms for sellers

When a purchase is requested, the company can send the information of the buyer who applied for the goods to the seller.
If the goods and services are not provided for the purchase, the amount collected by YOLO after the necessary confirmation process is refunded to the buyer.
YOLO will provide you with the information that allows the seller to verify the purchase details requested by the buyer through the website.

YOLO will collect the Total fees from the buyer upon request or confirmation of purchase.
The Company will pay to the seller who satisfies the specific conditions(4 of <7> terms) after 3 business days from the end of the stay or after the company has been paid the payment from the payment agent. (Since the later date)
Each seller agrees that (i) the buyer is allowed to cancel the purchase and (ii) the refund for that portion may be refunded for the specified price in accordance with the refund policy reflected by YOLO.

C. Purchasing and financial terms for buyers

The seller is responsible for providing the goods purchased through the website. If you are a buyer and you are dealing with a seller for a purchase, you agree that the buyer must enter into an agreement with the seller.

Buyer acknowledges and agrees that Buyer is responsible for fulfilling the obligations of such contract. YOLO shall not be liable for all matters arising in connection with such contracts.

If the requested purchase is canceled, the amount received by YOLO will be refunded in accordance with the buyer's selection and acceptance at the time of purchase

The buyer agrees to pay the total fees for all purchases requested, and in most cases verification is possible within YOLO using the buyer's personal information. YOLO collects fees according to payment terms.

Confirmed purchase transactions can be viewed within YOLO.
D. Service Fees and Other Fees

Considering YOLO's platform usage, YOLO charges a service fee.
YOLO collects these service fees under payment terms, and may collect taxes (such as European VAT) if applicable, in relation to seller fees and buyer fees. YOLO deducts the seller fees from the merchandise fees before sending the balance to the seller. As mentioned above, the buyer fees is included in the total fees

In addition to the taxes collected by YOLO, applicable fees are shown to the customer. YOLO also discloses seller fees applicable to sellers through its website.

E. Cancellations and Refunds

If the buyer wishes to cancel a verified purchase through the website, the cancellation will proceed according to the refund policy.
The amount of the refund will depend on the terms of the refund policy.
Details of the refund and cancellation policy can also be found on the website.
Buyer fees are non-refundable even if the requested refund is successful. YOLO will process the refund according to payment terms.

If the seller cancels the verified purchase, seller agree to refund the buyer the total fees for the purchase in accordance with the payment terms.

If you need a refund, please send your details to

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Buyers may request a full refund or partial refund for the item you paid, up to three days before the scheduled date of accommodation
Since then, the seller has determined that the item has already been prepared, and the buyer can not request a refund

The buyer may request a refund to the company until three days after the end of the stay, provided that the quality of the goods and services purchased is significantly poor or unready.
The company that requested the refund will determine the refund within 7 days of the request date through a series of processes including the seller and the confirmation process.
In case of a refund, all refunds will be made except the buyer fees.
If the buyer does not request a refund until three days after the end of the stay, the buyer can not request a refund from that time because the service was normally performed.

<7> Payments
1. The payments of the sales money of the goods and services sold by the seller through the website (hereinafter referred to as the "sales money") is calculated based on the amount of merchandise fees, tax, etc.
The company will receive payment from PayPal and credit card company when the guest selects the item and makes a payment.
The company will receive the payment in advance but will not make payment to the seller until the actual delivery of the goods and services.

2. Sales money will be paid after the buyer completes the stay, if there are no special items, after 3 business days or after the point at which the company receives payment from the payment company. (Since the later date)
Also, after the settlement procedure in Paragraph 1, the settlement price is paid to the seller who satisfies the cumulative amount condition.

However, the Company may suspend the payment of the settlement price if the buyer indicates the intention of cancellation, return, exchange or refund before payment of the settlement amount.

1 of 2. The Company will remit the remaining amount after deducting the service fees and tax of <6> from the sales money and notify the seller of the details through the seller's screen.
3. If the buyer's legitimate refund request is made after the sales money has been settled, the Company may deduct the refund amount from the refund request from the unpaid balance paid to the seller until the settlement is completed.
If the balance is insufficient, the buyer may not receive a refund.

4. The payment is made through the Payoneer website ( and if the accumulated amount exceeds 50 USD, you can apply for the settlement amount by email to The payment will be made within three business days of requesting payment.
5. Detailed information about the detailed payment method will be announced through the service screen provided by the company.

<8> Personal information and cookies
YOLO respects privacy. Please refer to our privacy and cookie policy.

<9> Intellectual property rights
Unless otherwise specified, the software required by this Service or the Software and its intellectual property rights (including copyrights) used on our platforms, and the information and materials provided on the Website are owned by ACETAK Inc. and its suppliers or providers.

ACETAK Co., Ltd. may exercise exclusive ownership of all rights, titles, and profits arising from the intellectual property rights and the appearance of the platform on which the services are provided, including translated content. (Including infrastructure)

You are not entitled to use the Content or any of our brands for any purpose, including without limitation, copy, scrap, hyperlinks, placement, marketing, promotion, editing, acquisition, use. By using or editing the Content, you assign, transfer all such intellectual property rights to ACETAK Inc. under this Agreement, provided that you have acquired the intellectual property rights of the website and (translated) content. Any illegal use, or any action or action mentioned above, is considered a material breach of our intellectual property rights (including copyrights and database rights).

<10> Other (legal notice)
To the extent permitted by law, these Terms of Use and the Terms of Service are governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea and, in the event of any dispute arising under the General Terms and Conditions and Services, will be referred to the courts of Seoul, Korea.

The original English version of these Terms and Conditions may be translated into another language. The translated terms are provided for convenience only and you can not claim any rights from the translated terms. In the event of any inconsistency or inconsistency between the content and the interpretation of the Terms of Use, the translated Terms of Use, and the original English language, the English language Terms shall prevail and be in full force and effect as conclusive evidence. If any provision of these Terms of Use is nullified, forcible or binding, or otherwise scheduled, the other provisions set out in the Terms and Conditions still apply In this case. The invalidated terms shall have the maximum scope of binding force permitted by the relevant law, At the minimum, subject to the terms and conditions of this Terms of Use, and to the same or similar degree of binding or non-binding provision.