Privacy Notice

■ Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information

ο The purpose of the company's collection of personal information is to provide an optimized and personalized service by checking the user's identity and intention to use the service.

The Company collects only the minimum amount of information necessary to perform the essential functions of the service upon initial membership, and collects additional information such as payment, refund, etc. for the services provided by the Company.

The Company uses the collected personal information for the following purposes.
The collected personal information will not be used for any purpose other than the following purposes and will be subject to prior consent if the purpose of use is changed.
① Purchase and payment related to settlement of fees due to contract implementation and service provision
② Membership and Management
Identification, personal check, prevention of unauthorized use of bad member and prevention of unauthorized use, confirmation of sign-up, complaint handling, etc.
③ Settlement of fees due to contract implementation and service provision
Providing contents, sending invoices, financial transaction authentication and financial services, purchasing and payment
④ Use in marketing and advertising
Developing and specializing new services, delivering advertising information such as events, providing services according to demographic characteristics, displaying ads, checking access frequency, and using statistics of members

■ Items of collecting personal information and collection method
ο The Company collects the following personal information for membership registration, counseling and service application.
① Collected items: name, login ID (email), password, country information, cookie, access IP information, payment history
② How to collect personal information: Homepage (membership registration), event application, customer center email reception, etc.
③ The following payment information may be collected during the use of paid services.
- At the time of credit card payment: Mission of the card, card number, etc.

④ In case of a resident of Korea, the company shall only be able to join the membership if it is 14 years of age or older. In principle, the personal information of children under the age of 14 who need the consent of legal representative to collect and use personal information will not be collected in principle.

However, if the consent of legal representative is obtained, personal information of users under 14 years of age can be collected and used.
⑤ When collecting additional personal information that is not collected at the time of using the supplementary service or customized service or during the event application, the company notifies the user of the item and accepts the consent separately.

■ Retention and use period of personal information

① When collecting personal information from users, the company holds and uses personal information within the agreed period. However, if there is a need to preserve in accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations of the country of residence, it shall be preserved in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
② In the case of members, the period of retaining and using personal information is from when the service use contract is concluded (when joining the membership) to when the service use contract is canceled (including withdrawal application)

The Company shall, unless otherwise stipulated in another law or with the request of the customer, destroy the personal information of a member who is not reused for the period defined by the law, or store it separately from the personal information of other members. However, personal information will be destroyed or separated 30 days before the expiration of the period.
The facts of management, the expiration date of the period, and the items of the personal information,
You will notify the Member in writing, in writing, by telephone, or by any other means.
③ Retention period of personal information in accordance with relevant laws (in the case of the Republic of Korea)
ㆍ Record of electronic financial transactions: 5 years
ㆍ Records on withdrawal of contract or subscription: 5 years
ㆍ Record of payment and supply of goods: 5 years
ㆍ Record of consumer complaints or disputes: 3 years
ㆍ Record of visit: 3 months
ㆍ Notify the user in advance of the retention period or individually agree with the user.
④ Even if there is no basis for the related laws, it can be kept according to the company policy if it is necessary to prevent serious loss of the company or keep it for crimes and lawsuits. but Company Keep only the minimum period and items to achieve its purpose.
- Record of user information after membership withdrawal: 2 months (prevent recurrence of fraudulent member)
- Members who have lost their qualifications under the Terms of Use: 5 years (to prevent recurrence of fraudulent members)

■ Procedures and methods of personal information destruction

ο In principle, the personal information of the user is destroyed without delay when the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved. The procedure and method of destroying personal information of the company are as follows
① Destruction procedure
The information entered by the user for membership, etc., is transferred to a separate DB after the purpose is achieved (in the case of paper, separate document). According to the internal policy and other related laws and regulations, It is stored for a certain period and then destroyed.
ㆍ Personal information transferred to a separate DB will not be used for other purposes unless it is under the law.
② How to destroy
ㆍ Personal information printed on paper is crushed by crusher or destroyed by incineration.
ㆍ Personal information stored in the form of an electronic file is deleted using a technical method that can not reproduce the record.
③ Other, disinfection personal information destruction procedure
ㆍ In accordance with Article 15 of Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection Act, the Company may manage the accounts that have not used the service for the past one year in the inactive account and manage the personal information of the user 
ㆍ The company shall notify the users until 30 days before the valid period of the personal information is available, and the contents of the notice are as follows.
- The fact that personal information is destroyed or separated and managed
- Destruction date and time
-  destroyed personal information items
ㆍ You can use e-mail, telephone, etc. for notification.
ㆍ The following exceptions can be retained without destruction even after three years.
- The fact that personal information is destroyed or separated and managed
- When the information communication service provider and the user set a separate retention period by contract
■ Use outside of purpose and provide for third party

① The company does not provide the user's personal information to the outside in principle. However, except in cases where there are special provisions in the law as shown below, or when it is inevitable to comply with statutory obligations. When providing personal information to a third party other than the purpose, the Company requests that the person who receives the personal information securely treats the personal information safely by taking necessary restrictions such as the purpose of use, the method of use, or necessary measures for securing stability.
ㆍ If the users agreed in advance
ㆍ If there is provision based on other laws and regulations of the country of residence
ㆍ In the case of statistical writing, academic research, market research, information provision and announcement mail delivery, it is provided in a form in which a specific individual can not be identified
ㆍ If the information subject or its legal representative is in a state where he / she can not express his / her intention or is unable to obtain prior consent due to unknown address, etc., and is necessary for the interests of the information subject or the third person in an urgent life,
ㆍ In case of investigation and prosecution of crimes, holding and maintaining of the crime, trial of the court and execution of the sentence,
② If a third-party provider occurs, it will proceed through separate agreement.

■ Handling of Personal Information

Ο The company provides the following personal information to the entrusted company for the fulfillment of the service contract and stipulates necessary matters for the personal information to be managed safely according to the relevant laws and regulations. If the company is changed, the company will notify the name of the changed company through the notice or the privacy policy screen.
Ο Retention and use period of personal information of consignee: Upon withdrawal of membership or termination of consignment contract
- Paypal Co., Ltd.: Electronic payment agent

■ Rights of users and legal representatives. And how to use it

ο Users and legal representatives can view or modify the personal information of their registered or under-14-year-old children at any time, and can request the termination of membership.
① To view or modify personal information of a user or a child under the age of 14, the user or the legal representative can directly view, correct or withdraw the personal information from the "membership withdrawal"
② User may also contact the person in charge of personal information management of the company by written, telephone or e-mail, and the company will take action without delay.
③ When a user requests correction of an error of personal information, it will not use or provide the personal information until the correction is completed. Also, if wrong personal information is already provided to a third party, we will notify the third party without delay and correct the result of the correction.
④ The Company shall treat personal information that has been terminated or deleted at the request of the user or legal representative as specified in the "Period of Retention and Use of Personal Information", and is prohibited from being viewed or accessed for any other purpose.

■ Personal Information Security

ο In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of Korea, the Company implements stringent security procedures to prevent misuse or unauthorized access of personal information.

The Company has established appropriate business systems and procedures for the protection and security of personal information provided by customers.

In addition, the Company has security procedures and technical and physical restrictions when accessing and using personal information.

Only authorized employees have access to personal information for business purposes.

■ Matters concerning the installation, operation and rejection of the automatic collection device of personal information

ο The Company uses cookies that store user's information and retrieve it from time to time to identify the user, maintain the login status of the member, and provide personalized service for the user. A cookie is a small amount of information that a website server sends to your web browser and is stored on your computer's hard disk.

ο The user has the option of installing cookies. You can allow or deny all cookies through the settings of your web browser, or you can ask for confirmation whenever a cookie is saved. However, if you refuse to store cookies, some services provided by your company, such as personalized services, may be difficult to use.
ο How to decline cookie setting is as follows. (Based on Internet Explorer)
Web browser Select [Tools] menu [Internet Options]> Select [Privacy] tab> [Advanced]

■ Personal information manager

ο Director of personal information management
- Name : Hyobin Jang
- Company : ACETAK Co. Ltd.,
- Position : CEO
- Email :

ο Person in charge of personal information management
- Name : Hyobin Jang
- Company : ACETAK Co. Ltd.,
- Position : CEO
- Email :

■ Duty of notice

ο When revising the current Privacy Policy, we will notify you through 'Notice' on the homepage at least 7 days before the revision.

- Effective date: June 12, 2017